Remove & Smooth

Laser Hair Removal

Initia Diode with IceTip™ Technology

Pain-Free & Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can provide a long-term solution to excess hair on your face or body. Using the multi-award-winning Initia Diode manufactured by the UK’s leading laser & IPL manufacturer, Lynton, our Laser Hair Removal treatments provide market-leading results to leave your desired areas permanently hair-free. Suitable for every skin type, skin colour and hair colour, we offer laser treatments for all areas – from your upper lip to full body!

Traditional laser hair removal treatments can feel like you are being flicked with a hot rubber band, but with our treatments  it’s time to feel the difference. With built-in sub-zero IceTip™ Technology, the Initia Diode provides virtually pain-free laser hair removal, continuously cooling the skin throughout your treatment to eliminate discomfort and offer superior epidermal protection.

Laser Hair Removal Leicester

Incredible Results

Treatment Menu - Hair Removal

Upper Lip

Course of 3 for £45 or course of 6 for £90

Lip & Chin

Course of 3 for £85 or course of 6 for £165

Upper Cheeks

Course of 3 for £55 or course of 6 for £100

Full Face

Course of 3 for £135 or course of 6 for £255


Course of 3 for £75 or course of 6 for £140


Course of 3 for £85 or course of 6 for £165

Bikini (Full)

Course of 3 for £160 or course of 6 for £305

Underarms & Bikini (Full)

Course of 3 for £210 or course of 6 for £410

Full Arm

Course of 3 for £200 or course of 6 for £380

Full Back

Course of 3 for £216 or course of 6 for £410

Half Leg

Course of 3 for £200 or course of 6 for £380

Full Leg

Course of 3 for £295 or course of 6 for £560

Full Leg & Bikini (Full)

Course of 3 for £365 or course of 6 for £685

Full Body (Arms, Legs, Underarms & Bikini)

Course of 3 for £810 or course of 6 for £1,530

Extended Full Body (Full arms, full legs, under arms, any bikini, chest, abdomen, full back & buttocks

Course of 3 for £1,080 or course of 6 for £2,040
Treatment Overview

Laser Hair Removal At a Glance

Treatment Time

20-60 minutes

Expected Results

1-2 weeks

Side Effects

Temporary redness & inflammation






From £17.50

Three Steps to Smoothness

Feel the Boon Difference

Step 1


During your hair removal consultation, your Boon practitioner will assess your skin type, medical history and how your skin reacts to the sun, before performing a patch test and walking you through a bespoke treatment plan to suit your target areas and expected results.

Step 2


Within a short and virtually pain-free treatment, your Boon practitioner will use the Initia Diode to remove unwanted hair using near-infrared laser light which is absorbed by the melanin in your hair follicles. A minimum of 6 treatments are typically required for optimal results.

Step 3

Feel great

After each session, you'll notice a reduction in hair growth, and lightening in texture and colour. After a course of treatments are undertaken to ensure all hairs are caught at the correct stage of the hair growth cycle, you can enjoy smooth and hair-free skin!

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