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Our aesthetics courses are committed to empowering beauty professionals like you, providing you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in this rapidly evolving field. With Boon Aesthetics Training Academy, you’ll gain access to cutting-edge techniques, industry-leading tools, and the guidance of experienced professionals.

Our CPD accredited training courses are carefully curated to cover a wide range of aesthetic procedures, including facial injections, dermal / lip fillers, advanced skincare techniques, and more. Led by our skilled registered nurse instructors, you’ll receive personalised attention and hands-on training, ensuring that you master each technique with precision.


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Pathway to Aesthetics Course

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Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving

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Advanced Skin Boosters

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Our CPD Accredited Aesthetics Courses

From dermal fillers to skin boosters, fat dissolving to IV therapy, chemical peels to microneedling, our courses offer a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques and technologies in the industry. No matter where you are in your aesthetics journey, we have carefully crafted courses to meet your unique needs. Are you just starting out? Our beginner courses provide a solid foundation, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge to confidently enter the field. Already an experienced practitioner? Our advanced courses will push your boundaries, allowing you to expand your expertise and stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic industry.

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of aesthetics with our comprehensive Pathway to Aesthetics course. This intensive three-day programme is designed exclusively for non-medical professionals eager to kickstart a career in the thriving field of aesthetics. Completing this progression route will allow you to gain full insurance to become an aesthetics practitioner.

Price: £1,995

Duration: 3 Days (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Gain an array of CPD accredited qualifications:

  • Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 and 4
  • Microneedling
  • Foundation Dermal Fillers (Lips)
  • Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Injections (Upper face)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Emergency Complications Training
  • Health & Safety
  • First Aid Anaphylaxis

You'll also benefit from access to prescribers, business & social media guidance and unlimited lifetime support, giving you the confidence to offer your own treatments to patients straight away.

This introductory one-day course provides a comprehensive foundation for practitioners interested in incorporating Anti-Wrinkle Injectables into their aesthetic treatments. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, this course covers essential techniques to address common facial concerns.

Price: £999
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Glabella (frown lines): Learn how to effectively target and treat frown lines between the eyebrows using Anti-Wrinkle Injectables.
  • Frontalis (upper forehead): Gain proficiency in addressing forehead lines and wrinkles through Anti-Wrinkle Injectables.
  • Crow's feet: Discover techniques to reduce the appearance of crow's feet around the eyes using Anti-Wrinkle Injectables.

This one-day intensive course is tailored to healthcare professionals and aspiring practitioners seeking to enhance their expertise in facial rejuvenation and contouring using dermal fillers.

Price: £999
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Lips: Gain a deep understanding of lip anatomy and learn various techniques for lip enhancement using dermal fillers. Explore principles of lip augmentation, achieving natural-looking results, and addressing common concerns such as volume loss and asymmetry.
  • Nasolabial Folds: Master the art of softening nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines or laugh lines, through the precise administration of dermal fillers. Learn to assess the patient's facial structure and select the appropriate filler type and injection technique for optimal results.
  • Marionette Lines: Develop proficiency in treating marionette lines, which appear as downward lines at the corners of the mouth, by effectively restoring volume and improving the overall facial harmony. Discover techniques to achieve a youthful and rejuvenated appearance for your patients.

This course focuses specifically on the use of Anti-Wrinkle Injectables for a variety of advanced facial treatments, whether you are a seasoned practitioner looking to expand your repertoire or a beginner eager to delve into advanced techniques.

Price: £899
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Bunny lines: Learn how to effectively treat and reduce the appearance of bunny lines.
  • Gummy lines: Discover techniques to address gummy lines by administering Anti-Wrinkle Injectables.
  • Smokers lines: Gain proficiency in treating smokers lines to achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance.
  • Lip flip: Master the art of the lip flip technique, using Anti-Wrinkle Injectables to subtly enhance the upper lip.
  • Downturned smile: Learn how to strategically inject Anti-Wrinkle Injectables to lift the corners of the mouth.
  • Cobble chin: Acquire the skills to treat cobble chin by administering Anti-Wrinkle Injectables to relax the muscles.
  • Nefertiti neck lift: Explore advanced techniques for the Nefertiti neck lift to redefine the jawline.
  • Bruxism (facial slimming): Understand how to effectively treat bruxism by administering Anti-Wrinkle Injectables.
  • Hyperhidrosis: Discover the use of Anti-Wrinkle Injectables for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.
This comprehensive one-day training programme is tailored for professionals, who are already proficient in basic dermal filler techniques and seek to expand their expertise in advanced facial treatments, focusing on both cannula and needle techniques.
Price: £999
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Cheeks: Explore the latest techniques for augmenting and enhancing the cheeks using dermal fillers. Gain expertise in creating natural-looking volume, lifting sagging tissues, and restoring youthful contours.
  • Chin: Master the art of chin augmentation with dermal fillers, learning how to correct weak or receding chins, improve facial balance, and achieve harmonious proportions. Enhance your skills in achieving precise and symmetrical results.
  • Jawline: Discover advanced techniques for defining and sculpting the jawline using dermal fillers. Learn how to address concerns such as sagging jowls, a poorly defined jawline, or asymmetry, and achieve a more defined and contoured appearance.
This one-day course is specifically tailored for professionals who seek to expand their expertise in aesthetics and enhance their proficiency in administering dermal filler treatments using both a needle and cannula. Led by experienced industry professionals, this course offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the latest techniques and best practices for achieving optimal results with dermal fillers.
Price: £800
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Theoretical Foundations: Explore the fundamental principles of dermal fillers, including an overview of facial anatomy, the science behind different filler materials, and understanding patient assessment and consultation.
  • Advanced Injection Techniques: Learn advanced injection techniques for specific areas of the face, including rhinoplasty and tear trough treatments. Discover the nuances of achieving natural-looking results while addressing individual patient needs.
  • Hands-On Training: Participate in hands-on training sessions under the guidance of our expert trainers. Gain practical experience in administering dermal filler injections, ensuring you are confident and competent in performing these procedures.
  • Safety and Risk Management: Understand the potential risks and complications associated with dermal filler treatments and learn how to minimise and manage them effectively. Explore the latest safety guidelines and protocols.

The Lip Master Class offers an intensive, one-day training programme specifically designed for practitioners who wish to enhance their skills in lip augmentation and rejuvenation techniques. This comprehensive course is ideal for both new and experienced injectors seeking to refine their technique and deepen their understanding of lip anatomy and aesthetics.

Price: £799
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Injection Techniques (Teaching): Gain an in-depth understanding of various injection methods, focusing on safety, precision, and achieving natural-looking results.
  • Linear Threading: Learn how to create a smooth, linear fill in the lips, enhancing volume and contour with minimal discomfort and swelling.
  • Serial Puncture Technique: Master this technique to deliver small, precise amounts of filler, ideal for subtle enhancements and correcting asymmetries.
  • Fan Technique: Explore this advanced method for creating a fuller, more balanced lip shape by injecting filler in a fan-like pattern.
  • Cross-Hatching Technique: Understand the intricacies of this technique to provide structural support and volume, improving overall lip definition.
  • Micro Droplets: Learn the art of using tiny droplets of filler to achieve a more refined and detailed enhancement.
  • Tenting Method: Discover how this technique can lift and shape the lip border, creating a more defined Cupid’s bow and overall lip shape.
  • Grid Method: This approach teaches you to evenly distribute filler across the lip for a harmonious and balanced augmentation.
  • Retrograde and Anterograde Techniques: Develop skills in both these injection techniques, understanding their applications and advantages.

In this comprehensive one-day course, you will delve into the realm of advanced skin boosters, discovering the latest techniques and products that can transform the appearance and vitality of your clients' skin.

Price: £699
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Seventy Hyal: Understand the transformative power of Seventy Hyal. Discover how it can revitalise dull skin, improve texture, and restore a youthful glow.
  • Lumi Eye: Master the art of Lumi Eye. Learn how to diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness, and tighten the skin around the eyes for a refreshed and youthful look.
  • Profhilo: Explore the benefits of Profhilo. Gain expertise in using Profhilo to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and overall texture.
In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of fat dissolving methods and techniques, enabling you to deliver exceptional results for your clients. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the latest advancements in the field, ensuring that you acquire the expertise needed to perform these procedures safely and effectively.
Price: £699
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Lemon: Discover the power of lemon-based fat dissolving treatments. Learn the proper administration techniques, dosage guidelines, and potential side effects associated with this innovative method.
  • Aqualyx: Explore the benefits of Aqualyx, a revolutionary injectable solution that targets and dissolves stubborn fat deposits. Acquire the skills necessary to administer Aqualyx treatments effectively and safely, and understand the importance of patient assessment and aftercare.
  • Lipo Lab: Dive into the world of Lipo Lab, a non-surgical fat dissolving treatment that utilises lipotropic substances to break down fat cells. Gain hands-on experience in administering Lipo Lab injections, including understanding injection sites, dosages, and post-treatment care.

Discover the revolutionary world of non-invasive fat reduction and skin rejuvenation with our comprehensive one-day course on Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving. This cutting-edge lipolysis method utilises an innovative formula to accelerate the metabolism of fat cells and stimulate collagen synthesis, resulting in effective body contouring and facial sculpting. Led by our expert nurse instructor, this course delves into the science, techniques, and safety measures behind this advanced skin treatment approach.

Price: £495
Duration: 1 Day (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • Product Expertise: Gain in-depth knowledge about the science and formulation of Lemon Bottle's advanced formula. Explore the unique blend of natural ingredients, including Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Bromelain, and Lecithin, which work synergistically for a triple-action approach to fat reduction and skin revitalisation.
  • Safe Application: Master injection techniques and safety protocols for effective fat reduction with minimal discomfort and swelling.
  • Targeted Areas: Learn precise approaches for fat dissolving in key areas, including the abdomen, buttocks, double chin, thighs, hips and more. 
  • Personalised Treatment Planning: Develop skills to assess clients for treatment suitability, identify contraindications, and tailor treatments for optimal results and client satisfaction.
In this one-day course, we aim to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in administering and benefiting from IV multi-vitamin therapy.
Price: £299
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 3:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • B12: Discover the significance of vitamin B12 and its crucial role in maintaining energy levels, supporting neurological health, and promoting red blood cell production. Learn about proper dosages, administration techniques, and potential contraindications.
  • Vitamin C: Delve into the powerful antioxidant properties of vitamin C, its immune-boosting effects, and its role in collagen synthesis. Gain insights into the various conditions that can benefit from high-dose vitamin C therapy and explore best practices for safe and effective administration.
  • Vitamin D: Understand the importance of vitamin D for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. Explore the latest research on the benefits of vitamin D supplementation and learn about appropriate dosage recommendations and monitoring.
  • Biotin: Uncover the wonders of biotin, also known as vitamin B7, and its impact on healthy hair, skin, and nails. Discover the potential benefits of biotin supplementation and acquire the skills to incorporate it effectively into IV therapy protocols.

Unlock the potential of intravenous health rejuvenation in our intensive one-day IV Multivitamin Drip course, equipping you to address issues including malnourishment, aches, pains and fatigue. Expert educators guide you through techniques and practical workshops, ensuring you can confidently offer holistic wellness solutions.

Price: £995
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Course Format:

  • Observational Learning: Gain insights through observing expert educators.
  • Hands-On Learning: Learn through detailed demonstrations and explanations by our expert instructors, and gain hands-on experience by working directly with tutors and live models during guided workshops.

This Course Includes:

  • Benefits: Understand the advantages of IV Vitamin Drips and how they can effectively address various wellness and aesthetic concerns.
  • Applications: Gain expertise in consultation and treatment strategies for diverse applications.
  • Consultations & Treatment Packages: Delve into the significance of thorough consultations and learn how to create bespoke IV Vitamin Drip packages to suit individual requirements.
  • Anatomy & Physiology: Develop your knowledge of of human anatomy and physiology to ensure safe and effective IV Drip administration.
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety: Establish best practices to maintain a safe and clean environment for both clients and practitioners.
  • Pre and Post Care Advice: Master pre and post-care guidelines for IV Vitamin Drips, alongside essential treatment protocols.
  • Live Treatment Techniques: Acquire the skills needed to confidently identify appropriate IV access sites, apply correct techniques, recognise indications and contraindications, mitigate hazards, and select suitable equipment.
  • Aftercare: Learn how to deliver accurate aftercare instructions to ensure maximum client benefit.
Our Microneedling Course is designed to provide you with the theoretical foundation and practical expertise necessary to perform microneedling treatments confidently and effectively.
Price: £399
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • In-depth theoretical understanding of microneedling: Learn about the science behind microneedling, including its benefits, indications, contraindications, and the different techniques and devices used.
  • Safety and hygiene protocols: Understand the importance of maintaining strict safety and hygiene standards during microneedling procedures to ensure client comfort and prevent any potential complications.
  • Practical demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations of microneedling procedures performed by experienced practitioners, allowing you to observe the correct technique and gain valuable insights.
  • Hands-on training: Get the opportunity to practice microneedling techniques on models under the supervision of skilled instructors, allowing you to develop your skills and build confidence.
  • Client consultation and aftercare guidance: Learn how to conduct thorough client consultations, assess individual needs, and provide appropriate aftercare instructions to maximise treatment outcomes.
This one-day course is carefully crafted to equip you with the necessary skills and expertise to confidently perform chemical peels, ensuring optimal client satisfaction and safety.
Price: £399
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

This Course Includes:

  • The science: Understand the different types of chemical peels, their ingredients, and how they interact with the skin.
  • Skin analysis and client consultation: Learn how to assess various skin conditions and determine the most suitable chemical peel treatment for individual clients.
  • Application techniques: Master the art of applying chemical peels with precision and accuracy. Explore different application methods and understand the importance of timing and neutralisation.
  • Safety protocols and contraindications: Familiarise yourself with safety guidelines, potential risks, and contraindications associated with chemical peel treatments. Learn how to perform a thorough client assessment and ensure client comfort.
  • Post-treatment care and management: Acquire knowledge on post-treatment care instructions, including the use of appropriate skincare products and sun protection.
  • Practical hands-on experience: Gain valuable practical experience by performing chemical peel treatments on live models, under the guidance and supervision of our expert instructors.

This comprehensive three-day course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and practical skills in laser and IPL treatments, including reducing hair growth and photo rejuvenation of the skin. From client consultation and communication to hands-on practice, this course offers a well-rounded experience to confidently excel in the world of laser therapy.

Price: £1,250
Duration: 3 Days: Theory & practical training plus home study

Course Modules:

  • Client care and communication in beauty-related industries
  • Management of health, safety and security in the salon
  • Laser and light treatments for hair removal
  • Laser and light for skin rejuvenation

This Course Includes:

  • Introduction to lasers: Definition, physics, and classification
  • Understanding different lasers and their applications, including IPL vs. Laser Machines
  • Selecting the right laser for medical and hair removal purposes
  • Clinic registration, paperwork, and maintaining records
  • Hair and skin anatomy, causes of extra hair growth, and hormonal effects
  • Hair growth cycle, skin typing, and pre-treatment considerations
  • Client consultation, consent forms, and medical history importance
  • Managing medical contra-indications and referral protocols
  • Patch testing and considerations for drugs affecting treatment
  • Aftercare advice, treatment effectiveness, and dealing with adverse reactions

Practical Sessions & Portfolio Preparation:

  • Preparing clients for treatment
  • Carrying out consultations
  • Treatment demonstrations
  • Practice by students carrying out treatments on various areas for hair removal

Discover the art of dermaplaning with Boon Aesthetics Training Academy. Our comprehensive course provides hands-on training and in-depth theoretical knowledge to help you excel in this popular skincare technique. Led by industry experts, you'll learn the intricacies of safe and effective dermaplaning, from understanding skin anatomy to mastering technique and tool usage. Elevate your skincare practice and meet the growing demand for dermaplaning services with confidence. 

Price: £399
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Ever felt the need to revisit and observe a course you've previously completed? At Boon Aesthetics Training Academy, we understand that mastering aesthetic techniques takes time, practice, and continuous learning. That's why we offer our exclusive "Shadowing Day" – an opportunity for you to observe any of our courses, ensuring you gain that extra confidence to excel in your practice.

Whether you want to refine your technique, get a refresher, or simply want to watch the procedure before practicing, the Shadowing Day is perfect for you. Gain insights, ask questions, and observe firsthand as our experienced trainers impart their knowledge and skills. This day is designed for those who have previously passed the course they wish to shadow.

Price: £199
Duration: 1 Day (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
Discover Your Future in Aesthetics

Aesthetics Careers Open Day - July 7th

Are you passionate about aesthetics, beauty, skincare, and helping others feel confident in their own skin? If so, mark your calendars for an exclusive event at Boon Aesthetics Training Academy! Join us for our Aesthetics Career Open Day on July 7th from 10am to 5pm.

Whether you’re a seasoned medical or non-medical professional looking to expand your expertise, or entirely new to the field of aesthetics and considering a rewarding career change, our Open Day is tailor-made for you. No previous experience required! Discover a world of opportunities with our VTCT and CPD accredited courses, from anti-wrinkle injections, and dermal fillers to a Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Therapy, laser hair removal, and many more. 

Why Attend?

  • Expert Advice: Talk to our professional instructors, including registered nurses, who lead our VTCT and CPD accredited courses.
  • Tour Our Facilities: Explore the state-of-the-art environment where you will learn and practice.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Receive significant discounts on our courses when you enrol on the day.
  • Q&A Sessions: Have your pressing questions about aesthetic careers and courses answered directly by our experts.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and peers in the aesthetics industry.
  • Refreshments & Goodies: Enjoy a selection of drinks and savoury snacks, and take home goodie bags and vouchers.

Spaces are limited, so get in touch to reserve your free spot today for our Aesthetics Careers Open Day and let us help you achieve your dreams in the aesthetic industry! 

Ignite Your Passion for Aesthetics:
The Boon Academy Difference

Ignite Your Passion for Aesthetics: The Boon Academy Difference

Hands-On Experience

Our courses are designed to give you practical, hands-on experience, allowing you to gain confidence and develop the skillset necessary to excel in the aesthetics industry. Practice on real models under the expert guidance of our trainers.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide you with access to the latest tools, technologies, and techniques shaping the industry. Stay ahead of the curve and explore innovative advancements that are revolutionising aesthetics.

Lunch & Refreshments

We care about your comfort and well-being during the training. To keep you energised and focused, we offer complimentary lunch and refreshments throughout the day, so you can concentrate on your learning without any worries.

CPD Accredited

By choosing a CPD accredited course, you ensure that your learning experience meets the highest standards. Upon course completion, you will receive a CPD accredited certificate, demonstrating your commitment to professional growth in aesthetics.

Kickstart Your Journey

Choose from our complimentary starter pack, with a voucher, informative booklets and freebies, or opt for the premium starter pack, a comprehensive kit containing everything you'll need to start practicing. You'll also receive a goodie bag on course completion!

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the completion of your training. At Boon Aesthetics Training Academy, we offer continuous support and mentorship to help you confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of aesthetics.

Register Your Interest

If you’d like to find out more about our courses at Boon Aesthetics Training Academy or register your interest for upcoming course dates, get in touch with us today via telephone, email or our simple enquiry form. We’d love to hear from you!

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Aesthetic Training Model

Aesthetics Models: Apply Now!

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality training for the next generation of aesthetic professionals. An essential part of this training involves hands-on practice, and for that, we need you!

If you’ve ever considered enhancing your beauty with aesthetic treatments and want to contribute to the growth of skilled practitioners, we’re seeking individuals to be aesthetics models for our courses. Benefit from discounted treatments under our expert instructors’ guidance.

Apply online today, or send us a WhatsApp message on 07395 562186 to join our WhatsApp model group chat for more information!

The Boon Alumni Discount: Get 10% Off Further Courses

The Boon Alumni Discount:
Get 10% Off Further Courses

After completing your first course with Boon Aesthetics Training Academy, you’ll be entitled to a fantastic 10% discount on any further courses you choose to undertake. With an array of specialised training programmes to elevate your expertise in the realm of aesthetics, our exclusive Boon Alumni discount supports you in delving deeper into your chosen field or in exploring new areas of expertise.

Funding Your Course

At Boon Aesthetics Training Academy, we believe in making your aspirations a reality. We understand that investing in your aesthetics career is a significant decision, and that’s why we are delighted to offer flexible repayment plans with PayL8r, enabling you to spread the cost of your training over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

Boon Aesthetics Limited is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Social Money Limited t/a Payl8r

Credit is subject to a creditworthiness and affordability assessment. Representative Example: If you borrow £200 over 12 months at a fixed monthly interest rate of 4% and an annual rate of 48% and representative annual percentage rate of 127.34%. You will pay: Monthly payment: £24.66. Total amount you repay: £295.92 Total charge for credit: £95.92

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